A Workspace for a Gamer

A Workspace for a Gamer


I'm a millennial. 

I grew up gaming, but now I just don't have as much time to game. My career has taken over so much of my time, that I can't connect with my friends like we used to. 

Or so I thought. 

When I recently built my new desk set up, I made sure to build in the dual functionality of a work-space and a gaming-space. Doing that has meant that it's much easier for me to transition between work and fun, and has allowed me to spend more time with friends online. 

So what makes this space work for both? 

  • A desk that can accommodate a large, high-refresh rate screen.
  • A spacious desk that has space for my gaming gear, and my to-do lists. 
  • A desk with great cable management to maximize the use of space. 

What will you need for your space? 

Let me know below!


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